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CCU Research Introduction

The Cameroon Christian University has research as one of its main missions alongside teaching and service to the community. According to its constitution article…..

Consistent with its constitution an introduction to research methodology is given to all undergraduate students within the context of the mandatory ‘long essay’ and /or internship report. The Master’s degree program at CCU comprises of one year course work and one year supervised research leading to a thesis that is defended before a duly constituted interuniversity examination panel.

The permanent academic staff are expected to carry out research as well. Many of them do so in collaboration with the staff of the state universities and research institutes of Cameroon. As will be seen in the projects described below, most of the projects are applied or applicable to Cameroon’s national development objectives and cover the broad field of human and animal health, geology and mining, education and developmental studies.

Since the change of leadership of the University in January 2015, the restructuring of research at the CCU has been announced and is ongoing. The areas of focus will take into consideration the Millennium Development goals which will be transformed into the UN Sustainable Development goals in 2016 (www.), Cameroon’s Growth and Employment Strategy paper (www…) Cameroon’s vision 2035 and the Presbyterian Church’s health and education missions. As stated in the constitution, the research will be closely coupled to teaching to enable our students put into practice some of the theories that they learn in the course of their studies. In the sections that follow we present a selection of senior researchers of CCU and the summaries of their research projects that are currently being carried out in collaboration with their colleagues in different universities at home and abroad.

B. Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (INMEBS)

B.1 Dr Wankah

Research in this faculty focuses of public and reproductive health issues and closely connected to the M.SC Programme in Reproductive health and Midwifery, one the one hand and M.Sc Clinical Counseling on the other hand. (Continue description to max 100 words)

Collaborators: Prof Anderson Sama Doh, Prof Mbuh, Prof … Dr Tumasang, Dr Nchifor,

C. Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (INASMAS)

C.1 Dr Ngeh

D. Faculty of Philosophy, Religious and Social Studies. INPRESS Kumba

D.1. Dr. Samuel Eseh Ntoko

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