C.1 Dr Ngeh

C.1 Dr Ngeh

Project Description:
Dr. Abong Peter Ngeh (DBA) focuses his research on trade policy – more precisely, on fair trade. The aim of the research is to create greater awareness of the imbalance in North-South trade issues, which are major contributors to poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the fact that farmers have increased their yields in many countries their incomes continue to dwindle since prices of primary commodities are not stable or appear to be dictated by consumers in the North. Very low commodity prices have led some farmers to abandon their farms. In countries where only one crop e.g. cotton is grown for export, many farmers have been forced (as a result of lack of an alternative crop) to increase their production but have still witnessed considerable decline in their incomes.  
Subsidies to American farmers have led to excess production of cotton, which in turn has forced down prices on the world market, thus further exacerbating the financial situation of African producers. There is need for policy makers in both the North and South to understand some of these hidden causes of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Fair trade campaigners are advocating for a level playing ground.
Collaborators:  World Fair Trade Organization, Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya


Abong Peter Ngeh – Poverty and the Contribution of Fair Trade – The African Experience              
The Post No. 01050 of May 11, 2009
Abong Peter Ngeh – Business Ethics and Social Responsibility – The Post No. 01120 – January 2010
Abong Peter Ngeh – Trade Justice – The Post No. 01126 Monday Edition
Dr. Abong Peter Ngeh, Lecturer in Marketing/Management is former General Manager, Prescraft – a fair trade company that specialized in the production and export of handmade crafts from Cameroon
Former Vice-Chair (IFAT) now World Fair Trade Organization
Former Board member of (COFTA) Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya
Former Elected member of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Crafts

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