We have cooperation links with the following institutions both nationally and internationally:
The University of Buea: UB is the Officially State designated mentor of the CCU. According to the regulations, they are charged with overseeing and controlling the academic activities of the CCU and are responsible for issuing attestations, transcripts and degrees to our graduates.
CBC Health Services: We have signed an MOU with the CBC health services to provide facilities to nursing, midwifery and biomedical students for internships and practical training.
Presbyterian Health Services: The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is the proprietor of the CCU, as such has offered their hospitals in Bafoussam, Manyemen, Achu-Tugi and Bamenda for our students to carry out internships. 
North Eastern University, USA: We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding through the Jola Venture Inc. for student and staff exchanges, research collaboration and joint projects.
We are also currently discussing cooperation agreements with the following:

University of Bamenda, Cameroon
University of Delaware, United States
University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom

“The CCU is a member of Network of Protestant Universities of Africa (RUPA) and a guild of the Association of Private Higher Education Institutions (APHE)

Professor Gwanmesia from Delaware State University USA visits the CCU to share his discoveries on the use of the mood to determine temperature.

An Exchange visit by students of North Eastern University to carry out a Dialogue of Civilization Course coordinated by Professor William Tita

A delegation from the US embassy visited the CCU to give guidelines on how to apply for the Fulbright scholarship program.

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