Brief History of CCU

The Cameroon Christian University Institute (CCU) is a private higher education institution belonging to the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC). The CCU opened its doors to the first batch of 131 students in October 2010. This historic event was the culmination of more than two years of meticulous planning carried out by the Committee for the Establishment of a Presbyterian University (CEPU) that was set up by the Moderator of the PCC following a decision of the Synod, which is the highest ruling organ of the PCC.

The CEPU which was composed of 17 eminent scholars and experts did not limit itself to the technicalities of drawing up syllabi, governing instruments and infrastructural plans, but devoted considerable time to formulate the Mission Statement of the new University. According to the CEPU, the CCU was meant to:

“Pursue unfettered knowledge through teaching and research and provide service to humanity predicated on the core values of the Christian faith” and to produce graduates “… who are able to make a difference for the better of society in terms of dedication and probity.”1 This lofty ideal already embodied the essence of the University’s philosophy which was subsequently captioned in its motto: Scientia-Veritas-Probitas roughly translated into English as Knowledge-Truth-Probity.

The University is only five years old, and has already graduated two batches of students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. These early years have not all been a bed of roses for the university. She has had to face a number of challenges, the most important of them being financial. Although the CEPU had envisaged a scenario where a loan could be taken to build and equip the University, this turned out not to be feasible. And the PCC has recently introduced a viable funding mechanism through the annual collection from its members a fixed levy for the education fund part of which goes to sustain the CCU.

With this approach the PCC has succeeded to advance the construction of a gigantic two-storey classroom complex (3000sq meters of floor space) at its main campus in Bali. Classes are going on in this building while the final finishing is being completed. Meanwhile the Kumba campus is located in two elegant buildings on the campus of the Presbyterian theological Seminary at Kossala, pending the refurbishment of its building just outside the PTS. Thus the CCU within the past 18 months has emerged as a distinct entity with its own physical plant within the greater family of PCC institutions. Both campuses are easily accessible by tarred roads as they are located within 20 minutes drive from the centre of the cities of Bamenda and Kumba respectively.

Location, Accreditation and Authorization

The Cameroon Christian University has been fully authorized and placed under the academic supervision of the University of Buea in accordance with the regulations. The CCU is composed of four Higher Institutes (referred to as Faculties) and with their respective accreditation Ministerial Orders as Follows:

Higher Institute of Philosophy, Religious and Social Studies (INPRESS);
Order No 07/0158/MINESUP of 24 October 2007

Higher Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (INMEBS); ;
Order No 07/0159/MINESUP of 24 October 2007

Higher Institute of Science, Engineering and Technology (INSET);
Order No 07/0161/MINESUP of 24 October 2007

Higher Institute of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (INASMAS).
Order No 07/0160/MINESUP of 24 October 2007.

Principal Officers

Rt. Rev. Samuel Fonki Forba
Moderator of PCC and Proprietor of CCU

Professor Dorothy L. Njeuma
Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council

Professor Vincent P.K. Titanji
Vice-Chancellor and CEO

Professor Vincent N. Tanya

Mr. Fausta Mbua Matofe

CCU Organigram


Chancellor: Moderator PCC, Rt Rev. Samuel Fonki
Pro-Chancellor: Prof.Dr. Dorothy L. NJEUMA
Vice-Chancellor: Prof.  Dr. Vincent P.K. Titanji
Registrar: Prof. Vincent N. Tanya
Bursar:  Mr Fausta  Mbua Matofe
Development Officer : Dr Festus Numfor
Chaplain: Rev. Fomuso  Jacob Sama


Ag Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences:
Dr. Christian Wankah

Dean of Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology:
Prof. Dr.Vincent N. Tanya (Ag.)

Ag Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences:
Dr. Peter Abong Ngeh (Ag.)

Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, Religious and Social Studies:
Rev. Dr Samuel Eseh NTOKO


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